Welcome to Juniper Hair Studio...   

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It's easier than ever, and it's here to stay! Online booking allows you to see my schedule of availability for any service that I offer. If you want more than one service in on appointment, simply look under my "service packages" headline on the site. You can book within 2 hours of ahead of time during my normal business hours (Tues-Fri 11am-8pm or Sat 11am to 4pm). If you are looking to drop in or find out if I'm available immediately, texting is the best way at (720)-276-7451.

Hi! My name is Felicia Singh. I am the sole owner and stylist of Juniper Hair Studio, which is located in Purelux Salon and Boutique. Confusing? That's okay, allow me to explain...

 I began Juniper Hair Studio in 2010 as an independent studio, owned and operated by myself. I eventually moved onto a larger location on 68th and Sheridan, in the Arvada area.  While that was a worthwhile endeavor, I decided to scale back the size of my business and reshape what it was that I wanted with Juniper. I'm currently in the process of designing my business goals and finding a better suited location for them. 

 Until then, I am working with my good friends at Purelux Salon and Boutique in the Berkeley/North Highlands are on 52nd and Tennyson. I will keep this website updated with news of changes as they happen!

 For a little about me professionally,  visit my Stylist Bio Page. Thank you for your support, and enjoy my website which contains all sorts of fun info and is updated often!



The Beauty of Balayage

 If you're seeking softer, blended, lower- maintenance highlights, balayage is the service for you. Pronounced bay-lay-ahge- (like the soft "g" sound in "mirage") this service is also sometimes called "hairpainting".  As you can see, it's a gorgeous accent to bring about a natural glow to your style and look.

 It is the perfect solution to those who seek change without wanting to lose length, because it allows the layers to pop away from your deeper base color giving more dimension. It's also a fun way to ad pops of color if you want to experiment with fun colors, but don't want anything too loud or drastic. 

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